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All new developments from tiny dwellings to major commercial high-rise or extensions on existing buildings require a setout survey. A precise setout of construction works is critical to successful construction project management.

In plain English, what is necessary, is a transferring of the building design from paper on to the land itself; identifying key points and using markers to guide the builders and ensure accuracy of the construction.

A North Coast Surveys surveyor is able to help with your construction setout to make your project management a little easier. Why not get in touch with us today?

Earthwork & Road Setout

Just like the construction of any new building requires a setout survey, so does the construction of other building works, including roads, bridges, and earthwork.

Surveyors at North Coast Survey are able to discuss your earthwork or road setout survey requirements. Call us today.


Traditional surveying methods have progressed significantly from their ancient Egyptian origins. Ancient tools, from marked rope to chains, to compass and complex mathematical equations, have been replaced with superior technological inventions that not only make surveying easier and more accurate but also more cost-effective.

Machine guidance can save cost with a reduction in physical labor on construction and mining sites. For example, with current technology, the use of manual pegs has been replaced, reducing man power and cost.

Machine operators are now able to rely on GPS technology to provide real-time guidance from the inside of their cabin.

Call North Coast Surveys today to discuss your machine guidance requirements. One of our qualified staff will be happy to discuss your options with you.


North Coast Surveys uses the latest technology to conduct volumetric surveys. Volumetric Surveys are helpful in a number of quantitative ways and are a visual representation of a project site in 3D.

If a volumetric survey is what you need, call us today.



We are able to offer hydrographic surveys, which examine the ocean floor.

These surveys are used to measure the depth and bottom configuration of the ocean. The information obtained can be used to:

• Assist vessels in navigation

• Update nautical charts

• Develop hydrographic models

Contact our team at North Coast Surveys today to discuss your need for a hydrographic survey.

Monitoring Deformation


Deformation relates to monitoring movement or deformation of structures over time.

We can offer innovative solutions to monitoring movement and provide deformation surveys.

Marine Piling

Piling is the fundamental support required by any building to be built, offshore or on land. Marine piling is the deep foundation below sea level to support any building built offshore.

With extensive experience in our beautiful coastal area, we are the ideal team to advise you on your marine piling requirement.

Imaging & Mapping


Photogrammetric surveying is the science of gathering reliable spatial information from photographic images. The specialist surveyor studies aerial and terrestrial photographs to gather information about the environment and physical objects.

Production of base maps using photogrammetry is cost effective and accurate. Multiple uses are available for those wanting to use photogrammetry from creating a digital base to use in urban planning, forest management or terrain analysis. It can also be useful for landfill or gravel pit monitoring.

For all of your photogrammetric surveying requirements, contact North Coast Surveys today.


Our team of surveyors is able to offer terrain mapping. We identify and analyse distinctive features and patterns of the landscape and these interpretations are used to determine, among other things, the physical condition of soil and rock material on and below the ground.

Laser Scanning

North Coast Surveys uses the latest technology and highly experienced staff to provide laser scanning services to a range of industries. We live by our motto no job is too big, no project too small even when it comes to laser scanning.

Our qualified staff is able to offer some of the following services (not a complete list):

• Modeling of infrastructure in either 2D or 3D
• Photorealistic modeling or development
• Deformation and stability monitoring
• Photorealistic modeling for development purposes

Give us a call to get a full list of the laser scanning services we offer.

GIS Data Collection

GIS and mapping application allows capture, storage, manipulation and analysis of different types of geographically referenced data.

With GIS technology, a combination of statistics and mapping is possible to integrate collected data into a visual display, making it easier to identify patterns and trends.

GIS can be used for map location, map density or map quantity.

If you require GIS data collection, call us today.

Flood Mapping

Our staff can provide information on potential flood risk when purchasing property or determine possible flood issues when considering developing a particular area.

Whatever your need, we’re here to help.

Service Locating & Utility Mapping

Pipe & Cable


Whether you are planning excavation work, to dig a trench or any other kind of underground work, you will want to know if there are any pipes or cables under your planned work site.

We use the latest technology to detect underground pipes and cables for the following:

• Water
• Optic fibre
• Telecommunications
• Sewer
• Storm water

We are also able to use the latest technology to detect conductive and non-conductive pipe material.

If pipe and cable location is what you are after, contact us for an obligation free discussion on what services we can offer to assist you.

Utility Mapping

During any construction it is essential to have reliable information, which can reduce the risk of utility damage, project downtime and possible injury as a result of unknown utilities struck or damaged.

If you require any underground utility mapping, you’ve come to the right place. We use the latest technology and can offer you a range of options to suit any budget to create your underground utility map.

We take the worry of working around underground utilities away from you, the customer, and provide you with the confidence to plan, design and manage.

If you have a Vision We will help you to turn it into reality

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